Classroom Environment

Why are the classrooms so quiet?

Our classrooms are peaceful and quiet, thus allowing the children to concentrate deeply on their work. We believe that there is a time for work and a time for play. When children are outside, they can run, skip jump, and yell – as all children should, but while they are inside, we maintain ground rules as to how we move through their environment and communicate softly. Children have complete freedom of movement and choice in their activities, while in the classroom environment.

Why do you have mixed-aged classrooms?
Mixed-age classrooms afford us the luxury of adapting the curriculum to the individual child. Each child can work at his or her own pace while remaining in the community with his or her peers. In addition, the mixed-age format allows all older children to be good leaders of the classroom community – even those children who may be shy or quiet. All older children are “leaders by default” especially as the, younger children, in the classroom look to them for guidance